Business setup in RAS Khaimah Offshore

Business setup in RAS Khaimah Offshore

RAS Khaimah Offshore is a modern and prominent offshore zone in the Emirates with amplifying infrastructure and industrial feasibilities. The region enables foreign investors to hold foreign ownership of an offshore company. On that ground, the business owner does not require to associate with UAE national shareholder or sponsor. Like other offshore territories, RAS Khaimah Offshore companies get an absolute exemption from all corporate and income taxes. So, you can hold your hand on to your offshore company profits and capital entirely.

RAS Khaimah Offshore is an out of the way industrial initiative by the Investment Authority and allow the system of company registration in RAS Khaimah Offshore. The district is a safe and cost-effective zone which makes the jurisdiction ideal and flexible than other offshore regions for any UAE offshore company registration. Eventually, being an international trader, you are empowered to own freehold properties anywhere across the emirates as there is no restriction applicable to the different type of offshore business setup.

Since setting up an offshore company in RAS Khaimah is more financial than other offshore districts, more and more companies flock up in RAS Khaimah for business establishment. Despite this, other perks of business formation in RAS Khaimah offshore exist, presenting this town as captivating for new-age entrepreneurs.

Benefits & Advantages of company formation in RAK Offshore

  • Experience no tax payment with ample profit
  • Double tax arrangements
  • Opportunity to invest in UE free zone fellowships and LLCs
  • Privilege to own property anywhere in the emirates
  • Instant bank account opening in RAS Khaimah offshore
  • Facility to conduct enterprise as a foreign entity
  • Investments protection in other international countries
  • Effortless transferring of assets and properties held in different countries and so on.

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Our firm is the best reliable business representative office in Dubai. We have a dedicated team of industrial experts who can guide young entrepreneurs with their new company formation in RAS Khaimah offshore. Our responsibility is to give you sound knowledge and make you well-informed about UAE offshore company build up. As a result, you don't encounter the troublesome and back-breaking process of setting a business in offshores.

We will get you everything from licenses, registration documents, approval from government officials and other necessities. And moreover, your privacy and information will remain secured with us. We value our clients' confidentiality and the urgency of their company setup.

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