Trademark Registration in Dubai

Trademark Registration

The purpose of a trademark is to craft a brand or company identity compiled with several components, such as brand name, logo or symbol, signature, tax stamp and more. Generally, product manufacturers or service providers thrive for trademark registration, including Commercial License in Dubai, to prove their company as a legal establishment.

Ministry of Economic in UEA made it requisite for every industry to make the business set up legal and authorised, and only valid for 10years. One can re-apply for extending the trademark legality with additional fees. If you register your trade under the UAE government, you will get leverage of several perks, for example,

  • Legal trademark registration will protect your brand and product identity. So, no need to worry about identity theft.
  • It lessens the change of duplication and enables consumers to distinguish your brand or goods.
  • Trademark registration protects your undertaking against others trading in the same industry.
  • Legal authorisation make sure quality and assurance in the products and services delivered.

Trademark registration is a streamlined process that requires proper documentation and the UAE Ministry of Economy department's approval. Don't get puzzled by the complexity of the trademark registration process. Dzire Business Center, your trusted Business Consultant in Dubai, is here to help you. Fully equipped with specialists and advanced business solutions, we can aid you to get your company trademark without mere jeopardies.

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