Where to start business in dubai

With 40+ free zones, endless mainland options, and numerous offshores, Dubai becomes the ideal location for starting your dream business. The United Arab Emirates is the place where commencing businesses is easy as a cakewalk. Apart from Dubai, other Emirates like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman are also the best locations for starting your new business. In a nutshell, setting up your new business comes with countless advantages.

Dubai has turned from an isolated location to a global business destination. From the early 1990s to 2021, many businesses have set up their businesses in Dubai. For setting your business in Dubai, you require some funds, trustworthy UAE investors, UAE trade license, and government approvals.

Here, we’re mentioning the best locations for commencing your brand new business in Dubai.

Business Bay

If someone has to start his/her business, but the free zones aren’t meeting the requirements, Business Bay should be the next destination. Business Bay is like the district and hub of all the businesses. Dubai Government regulates this location, and they ensure to deliver the best assistance to the businesses.

We wouldn’t say Business Bay is an affordable location for your business, but the advantages you get will indeed boost your profits. From world-class infrastructure and lower tax burdens to the swarm of investors, Business Bay is one of Dubai's highly recommended business destinations.

Currently, this region in Dubai has numerous office spaces and business centers for upcoming startups. Business Bay houses countless government agencies, financial institutions, hospitality businesses, manufacturing units, retail businesses, etc.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is one of the oldest yet highly developed regions of Dubai. Plus, this region is also a key destination for foreign tourists. If you want to commence your tourism and hospitality businesses, Bur Dubai would be the best destination compared to Business Bay.

Bur Dubai has various awe-inspiring mosques, sophisticated museums, and numerous heritage structures. As a result, most tourists visiting Dubai do step inside the hotels, mosques, and museums of Bur Dubai.

If you're having limited funds and don't need assistance from the local UAE sponsors, you can set up small hotels and retail shops. In simpler words, whether you set up a hospitality business or small retail shop in Bur Dubai, you'll never incur losses.

Sheikh Zayed Road

No introduction is required to the Sheik Zayed Road; this is the destination of the world’s tallest skyscraper, BurjKhalifa. You enter Sheikh Zayed Road; you’ll only experience Dubai’s enormous wealth, sophisticated lifestyle, premium living lifestyle, and numerous skyscrapers.

If some local UAE sponsors have already become your best friends, forget about other locations and set up your dream business in Sheikh Zayed Road. As many local and global businesses present in Sheik Zayed Road, you get the opportunity of collaborating with them and skyrocketing your company.

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